Q. How do purchase my order on the site?
To order your purchase :-

  1. Click “Add to cart” button on the products you wish to purchase.
  2. Click “Continue Shopping” to continue to add other products into the cart or click “Checkout” to proceed your payment for the products.
  3. You'll reach a log in page where you need to log in your account using your Username and Password. If you don't have an account created yet, you need to register an account before you proceed your payment.
  4. You'll need to confirm your shipping address on the “Shipping Address” page and click “next” button.
  5. From here, you need to select your shipping methods and click “next” button.
  6. Next you'll need to choose your payment method then click “next” button.
  7. After the steps before this have been done, You need to reconfirm your billing details and agree on the terms and condition.
  8. Click “Confirm Order” to complete the order.

Q. What are the payment methods available?
Kizuna anime shop offers various kinds of Payment Methods as shown below:-
1. Credit Card
Via Upay (Visa or Mastercard / Internet Banking)

2.   Bank Transfer

Bank Account:12300283477

After you made the payment, please send us the payment details of :
Your Name:

Your Phone number:
Banking Date :
The total amount you have paid :

Note: Your purchased products will not be delivered until we have this confirmation.

Q. Can I cancel an existing order that has been made?
- Orders that are in shipping or shipped will not be cancelled.

Q. What is the product's transaction currency?
All products transaction currency will be done in MYR.

Q. How long does the delivery usually takes?
Delivery usually will take about 3 ~ 5 days

Q. I still have doubts!
Sorry that we're unable to clear your doubts in the F.A.Q page. Please kindly send us an email to [email protected] for us to clear your doubts.

Q. Can I exchange figure if my box is damage?

Item cant be exchange for any reason exclude the figure is missing part or broken, Claim only accept for video record unbox.(Noted: some of the manufacture or brand [BANDAI, SEGA, TAITO] cant be exchange or refund for any reason face by buyer, like broken, missing part, scratch part and so on)

Q. Can I still order the item but the item already pass the preorder due date

You can still order the item but in the end item release we cannot guarantee can fulfil your order