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Kotobukiya NIJISANJI Inui Toko

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RM 150.00
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RM 150.00
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RM 699.00

P/O CLOSING DATE:2023/05/01



Painted plastic 1/7 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 210mm in height (not including stand).

The virtual Youtuber and NIJISANJI member Inui Toko is being made into a 1/7 scale figure!

She comes to life in a pose based on her promotional visual, with a cute smile highlighted by her rosy cheeks.

Clear parts were used on her hair, giving her flowing pigtails a dynamic finish with a sense of transparency.

Even the finest details on her maid outfit and boots have been faithfully recreated. Her two hair accessories, Ban and Ken, have also been carefully incorporated into the figure and simply cannot be missed!